NPT Annual Meeting Zoom instructions

*If you already have zoomed installed on your device click here to get to the meeting

 If you don’t have zoom already install on your PC please follow the following instructions all the instructions. See these instruction on youtube    (step 1-3).

If you already have zoom installed and the link above doesn’t work for you go to Step #4

1. Open your browser and go to 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click Download

3. After the file has been downloaded open the downloaded file up to install zoom

4. After zoom is installed a zoom cloud meetings box will come up. Click the Blue Join a meeting button

5. Put 5748312176 in the Meeting ID

6. Put your name in the “Your Name” field

7. Click the Blue Join button

8. Put the passcode 46553 in the meeting passcode box

9. Put your email & name in the next box and click Join Webinar